Beyond Production: superfine knitwear, embroidery.

We at Maglificio Leonello Spagnol have been manufacturing top quality knitwear in Italy for over six decades.

The high levels reached by our production standards are the outcome of ongoing research and investment in advanced methods and technology.
Our constant loyalty and respect for our customers have earned us the role of reference partners for several prestigious Italian and foreign luxury brands, who entrust us with the production of knitwear for the world market.

The service we offer is comprehensive, efficient and punctual in delivery.
From sampling to production, from design to the most elaborate finishing touches, all stages are witness to the expertise we have acquired in the sector.

Through our highly skilled personnel and state of the art machinery we are in a position to meet all of our customers' specific production needs.
Our knitters can work on all stitch gauges, 3 through 18.
As for extra fine stitches (gauges 16 and 18), these have been our speciality since ever.

By staying loyal to our handicraft tradition and enhancing it through technological innovation and added skills, we have achieved, and offer to our clients, the excellence of a truly "Made In Italy" product.




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