Philosophy in style: handcrafted, artisan production.

1949 - After 35 years' experience in the silk sector as a mill manager, Leonello Spagnol founds in Valdobbiadene the Maglificio (knitwear factory) that bears his name, manifacturing jumpers for the postwar Italian market.

1960 - In the years of huge growth of the Italian economy, American buyers become very active in Italy. The bulk of the Maglificio's production is exported to the United States and Canada.

1970 - Massimo, son of Leonello and Elisabetta, joins his parents in the family business. Exports gradually shift from the American to the German market. Massimo meets Francesca, a colleague at the factory, and they soon get married. Together, they start collaborating with the earliest pret-a-porter stylists, a step which will gradually introduce the Maglificio into the world of fashion.

1980 - The Maglificio creates its own fashion brand, "I Leonidi", which will be produced for over 13 years. Meanwhile, demand from stylists all over the world grows steadily.

1990 - To meet the needs of a continuously expanding market, a new production facility is established in the nearby town of Montebelluna. Over the years the Maglificio focuses ever more specifically on top quality knitwear, as required by its ever more sophisticated and demanding customers.

2000 - The Maglificio continues its successful 30-year partnership with world-prestigious Luxury Brands.




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